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The Family Meal At Our Table

‍I have no memories of going out to eat as a child. My mother, a single parent, worked two jobs to support us. One of those jobs was as a waitress at Pizza Inn. At the end of a shift, she would bring us the leftover buffet pizza that would have been thrown out. All of our meals were eaten at home.

   Today, single parenting and busy lifestyles have made the restaurant a way of life and not just a luxury. Often, a restaurant meal is easier and less expensive than eating at home. A meal may be the only time a family has real time to be together.

    Family matters ... Children who grow up with a strong sense of family are likely to become solid, healthy adults. Sitting down together for supper -- or any other occasion -- is essential to family, and its importance cannot be overestimated."

Source: Jonathan Yardley. "Ties that bind at Mealtime. 8/30/2005

Experts agree we must make time to be with our families if we expect those relationships to flourish. Come sit down at Parkway Grill with your family and enjoy a wholesome, filling meal made from scratch. You will not only feed your hunger, but you'll feed your soul.

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