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Sticks And Stones

‍Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Well apparently this is not true. A Miami Dolphin lineman has quit the team because he said he was bullied. It has come to light over the last few days that some of the other linemen were mistreating the guy and using racial slurs. The Miami Dolphins did not take the behavior lightly and one of the players has been suspended. I don't think anybody should be disrespecting others, but I also don't think the way this 325 lb. man reacted was really appropriate to the situation. Most men would take care of this by "fighting" it out rather than hiding from the issue.

In another NFL situation, the Redskin name has again been called into controversy. Studies have shown that about 10% of those polled are offended by the name. I can understand when a name is used in a derogatory manner. No one would ever accept a name like the N-words or the Kikes and that is because when they are used they are usually meant to be insults. The mascot picture on the helmet depicts a strong warrior. The players and fans want the team to win. If they thought the name implied an insult, they would change it immediately.

It seems to me that we need to grow our skin a little thicker. Lighten up, America! There are so many issues that deserve our attention over these little things.

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