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Parents Must Teach Responsibility & Accountability

‍Coach Labrum of Union High School in Utah suspended all 80 players on his football team because they were showing up late to class and possibly participating in cyber bullying of a fellow student among other delinquent behaviors. One of the things he said to the team was that "we don’t want that represented in our program." He believes that the end result with these boys is far more important than football. A few parents questioned him, but all are backing him up on the decision. Even the boys have seen the light while participating in community service projects and character training classes instead of football practice.

     So far 6 people have been arrested for vandalizing the vacation home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway. Up to 400 young people attended the party and more arrests are expected to come. When Holloway offered to allow the party-goers a chance to clean up and make amends, only four of them came forward. The vandals posted pictures of themselves to social media sites and Holloway put up his own website with pictures of the participants. Parents would like to sue him for that.

     Why the difference in the way the parents see fit to handle bad behavior? In the team suspension situation, there is already a turn around in the boys attitude and behavior. In the other, only 1% of the party-goers came forward to admit their guilt. Parents backed the coach, but in the other case some parents want to sue the victim. We do not teach our kids about responsibility and accountability when we don't let them face the consequences of their bad behavior.

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