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Texas Strong - The Right Tactic

‍I am a big Mac Brown supporter, but it is refreshing to see a new style of coach on the 40 acres. Charlie Strong has instilled his passion, values and toughness to his players and whether that will resonate on the field remains to be seen.

His way  is simple. Follow his 5 core values and you will succeed on and off the field.

1. No drugs

2. No guns

3. No stealing

4. Treat women with respect

5. Be a team player by doing your part for the team--showing up for practice, work out, etc...

His number one passion is to win championships and graduate student athletes. I respect his values and think we can all be successful by living by these values. 8.30.2014 on the Longhorn Network #Go Horns

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Learning To Live In The Desert #WichitaFalls

‍Learning To Live In The Desert

When I moved to Wichita Falls in the mid 80’s from the desert city of El Paso, I did not think I would ever see a lack of rain. There were trees and green grass everywhere in Wichita Falls. It seemed like it rained often and certain parts of the city regularly flooded. The area lakes, even Lake Wichita, teemed with fish and supported recreation.

As we are all aware, that has changed in the last few years. I have learned that this area suffers periodic drought and even though this drought has been unprecedented, what we are seeing is not necessarily abnormal.

Our city officials have been working over the last few years to address our lack of water. Our population in 1950, the last major drought, was around 98,000. We are at about 104,000 now. That tells me that our population, with the right collective conservation can make it through this tough time.

I don’t know a single person who is not making concessions to conserve water including buckets in the shower and the “RV” style shower. The “RV” shower is a wet down, turn water off, lather up then rinse and uses very little water compared to the conventional shower. The city has shown that we, as a city, have been consistent in keeping our usage down. We are far below water use of other cities our size and have been somewhat fortunate to get a little bit of rain to give our landscape and foundations some water.

It is hard to remain positive as we near the dreaded 20% lake level that will shut down every car wash in town, Also difficult is hearing about friends who are considering moving and the hot days of July that have zero forecasted days of rain.

Those of us who are tied to the community by our businesses, jobs and families have little choice except to wait, hope and pray. We must put our confidence in the hands of those who will help us make the best use of what water we have left. It will mean some hard choices like business closures or revamping the business to keep it viable in a “desert” community.

Here’s hoping El Nino gets here soon.

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A Texas Legend Goes Bankrupt

I was very sad to see a few days ago that our great, Vince Young, Texas legend,  had to file for bankruptcy. When Vince left Texas early, he signed a $26 million dollar guaranteed contract over probably six years with the Tennessee Titans. This did not include any endorsements he may have obtained. The government probably took $8 million of that contract, but what happened to the rest?

Like so many other young athletes, Vince thought the well would keep flowing. He spent on a house for his mom. He spent on his friends. He made bad business deals that he apparently didn't know about or understand. He did not surround himself with people who would help him make sound financial decisions and investments.

It's sad that this happens to so many of these athletes. This is something that could easily happen to any of us who would find ourselves very rich, very suddenly, but without the maturity to know what to do with it. Vince can bounce back. He could still play. He can coach. Hopefully, a second chance will give him an opportunity to do something better with his money.

Good luck, Vince! Your restaurant in Austin is still around and is awesome. I recommend it!

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Is Nick Saban Coming To Texas

‍When Mack Brown arrived in Texas, the Longhorns had not been a great team for many years. He brought Darrell Royal back into the family and included high school coaches in his game plan. His signature of recruiting players early is now industry standard. He has been to two

national championships, winning one,  and building the Texas program to one of the best in football history. He deserved our respect and admiration, but in order for Texas football to change and grow, it is time for a new era.

That era will begin when Nick Saban signs his contract with Texas and the Longhorns begin anew. Supposedly a contract for a new Saban house has been signed in Austin. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what our new coach has to offer.

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Sticks And Stones

‍Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Well apparently this is not true. A Miami Dolphin lineman has quit the team because he said he was bullied. It has come to light over the last few days that some of the other linemen were mistreating the guy and using racial slurs. The Miami Dolphins did not take the behavior lightly and one of the players has been suspended. I don't think anybody should be disrespecting others, but I also don't think the way this 325 lb. man reacted was really appropriate to the situation. Most men would take care of this by "fighting" it out rather than hiding from the issue.

In another NFL situation, the Redskin name has again been called into controversy. Studies have shown that about 10% of those polled are offended by the name. I can understand when a name is used in a derogatory manner. No one would ever accept a name like the N-words or the Kikes and that is because when they are used they are usually meant to be insults. The mascot picture on the helmet depicts a strong warrior. The players and fans want the team to win. If they thought the name implied an insult, they would change it immediately.

It seems to me that we need to grow our skin a little thicker. Lighten up, America! There are so many issues that deserve our attention over these little things.

Scotty P. is raising money for men's health issues this month through the Movember charity. Join our team-- and posting a picture of your beard or moustache on the Parkway Grill FB and I'll personally donate $1 to the cause.

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Parents Must Teach Responsibility & Accountability

‍Coach Labrum of Union High School in Utah suspended all 80 players on his football team because they were showing up late to class and possibly participating in cyber bullying of a fellow student among other delinquent behaviors. One of the things he said to the team was that "we don’t want that represented in our program." He believes that the end result with these boys is far more important than football. A few parents questioned him, but all are backing him up on the decision. Even the boys have seen the light while participating in community service projects and character training classes instead of football practice.

     So far 6 people have been arrested for vandalizing the vacation home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway. Up to 400 young people attended the party and more arrests are expected to come. When Holloway offered to allow the party-goers a chance to clean up and make amends, only four of them came forward. The vandals posted pictures of themselves to social media sites and Holloway put up his own website with pictures of the participants. Parents would like to sue him for that.

     Why the difference in the way the parents see fit to handle bad behavior? In the team suspension situation, there is already a turn around in the boys attitude and behavior. In the other, only 1% of the party-goers came forward to admit their guilt. Parents backed the coach, but in the other case some parents want to sue the victim. We do not teach our kids about responsibility and accountability when we don't let them face the consequences of their bad behavior.

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Bob Cobb Was a Great Man and Now He Is A Salad

‍You may have noticed a few additions to the new menu. We brought back the Sizzlin' Beef Fajitas after some customers poked, prodded and boycotted until we did. We do listen!

Another addition is the Bob Cobb Salad. A bed of greens dressed with chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomoato, diced avocado, blue cheese crumbles and a dressing of your choice. My suggestion would be our homemade blue cheese.

I didn't make up this seemingly clever name for the salad. Bob Cobb was a real guy. He owned the Brown Derby in Hollywood in the 1920's and this salad was his invention. Let me know what you think about it.

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What is Johnny Football Guilty Of?

‍What a great season when a second string quarterback goes on to be the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy. But along with winning comes responsibility and that is Johnny Football's biggest crime...

Showing up at big sporting events with the best seats is okay, but leaves the impression that someone has bought these tickets (an NCAA violation). Most college students do not have the kind of money for floor seats at a Maverick and Rockets game.

Drinking and gambling are activities that adults who are 21 years or older. Johnny Football is 20 and is seen at the OK WinStar Casino flashing cash and drinking. He is also a regular in Austin and seen in videos and pictures where it is obvious he is at parties and bars drinking alcohol. I guess he really did want to play for the Longhorns.

Signing memorabilia is probably not a biggie if it is a few things and if you are an NCAA athlete that you are not paid. However, he was signing 100's at the NCAA championship game for known memorabilia dealers. I have one waiting to be hung at one of my restaurants.

Past Heisman winners have been proud of his winning the Heisman, but do not like his over-the-top antics because it is an honor and dignity to be in this elite group. Good luck, Johnny Football. Alabama is coming for a rematch. Hope you are eligible to help make it a good game.

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The Family Meal At Our Table

‍I have no memories of going out to eat as a child. My mother, a single parent, worked two jobs to support us. One of those jobs was as a waitress at Pizza Inn. At the end of a shift, she would bring us the leftover buffet pizza that would have been thrown out. All of our meals were eaten at home.

   Today, single parenting and busy lifestyles have made the restaurant a way of life and not just a luxury. Often, a restaurant meal is easier and less expensive than eating at home. A meal may be the only time a family has real time to be together.

    Family matters ... Children who grow up with a strong sense of family are likely to become solid, healthy adults. Sitting down together for supper -- or any other occasion -- is essential to family, and its importance cannot be overestimated."

Source: Jonathan Yardley. "Ties that bind at Mealtime. 8/30/2005

Experts agree we must make time to be with our families if we expect those relationships to flourish. Come sit down at Parkway Grill with your family and enjoy a wholesome, filling meal made from scratch. You will not only feed your hunger, but you'll feed your soul.

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